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spacer spacer The Behavioral Support service includes functional assessment, the development of strategies to support the individual based upon the assessment, and the provision of training to individuals, staff, parents and caretakers. Services must be required to meet the current needs of the individual, as documented and authorized in the ISP. The service is performed under the supervision of an individual with a Masters Degree in Human Services (or a closely related field), and is limited to the following:

spacer spacer Collection and evaluation of behavioral data.

spacer Observation of the participant in various settings for the purpose of developing a behavior support plan.

spacer Collaboration with a participant, their family, and their team for the purpose of developing a behavior support plan that must include positive practices and may not include restraint procedures (physical, chemical, or mechanical) as support strategies.

spacer spacer Conducting comprehensive functional assessments of presenting issues (e.g. aggression, self-injurious behavior, law offending behavior (sexual or otherwise).

spacer Development and maintenance of behavior support plans, which utilize positive strategies to support the participant, based on functional behavioral assessments.

spacer Conducting training related to the implementation of behavior support plans for the participant, family members, and staff.

spacer Implementation of activities and strategies identified in the participant's behavior support plan.

spacer Monitoring implementation of the behavior support plan, and revising as needed.

spacer Collaboration with the participant, their family, and their team in order to develop positive interventions to address specific presenting issues.

spacer Completion of required paperwork related to data collection, progress reporting and development of annual planning material.

Services may be provided in the office of the Behavioral Support professional, the individual's home, the location of other authorized services, or in local public.

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