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spacer spacer This is a direct service (face to face) that must meet contractual conditions. This service is provided in home and community settings to assist individuals in acquiring, maintaining, and improving self-help, domestic, socialization and adaptive skills.

Through the provision of this service individuals learn, maintain or improve skills through their participation in a variety of everyday life activities of interest to them. They learn and use skills in the context of these activities, a functional approach to the delivery of services. These activities must be necessary for individuals to live in the community, to live more independently, or to be more productive and participatory in community life. Services must be provided in a manner that ensures individuals' health and welfare.

In addition to supporting individuals in activities typically associated with those occurring in their homes and the immediate community, the Home and Community Habilitation service may also be used to provide staff assistance to support individuals in the following ways:

spacer spacer spacer To participate in generic community programs or activities such as those offered by senior centers or YMCAs. There is, however, no entitlement to the purchase of memberships or admission passes to clubs, organizations, or parks.

spacer To participate in community projects, associations, groups, and functions, such as support that assists an individual to participate in a volunteer association, a community work project, or on public and private boards or advisory groups.

spacer To acquire assistance related to maintaining a household residence such as assistance in financial planning, managing home responsibilities and making timely payment of bills. This is not financial support for room or board expenses.

spacer To exercise rights as a citizen such as voting in elections. To learn parenting skills.

spacer To be financially self-sufficient such as assistance in personal and estate planning, preparing income taxes and record keeping.

spacer Indirectly through the development of self-sustaining functional support networks of family, friends and associates. This service is to enable individuals to access and use the resources of their local communities with the support of individuals other than paid staff.

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