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spacer spacer The Transitional Work Service is directed toward supporting individuals in maintaining integrated competitive jobs of their choice. The service consists of training individuals in job assignments, periodic follow-up and/or ongoing support with individuals and their employers. The service must be necessary for individuals to maintain acceptable job performance and work habits including assistance in learning new work assignments, maintaining job skills, and achieving performance expectations of the employer.

Other examples of activities that may be associated with job support include participation in individual planning for employment, job analysis, employment related personal skills instruction, coordination of financial issues, training to assist individuals in using transportation to and from work, maintenance of appropriate work and interpersonal behaviors on the job, follow-along services at the work site after OVR funded services are discontinued, technical assistance and instruction for the individual's co-workers that will enable peer support, outreach with prospective employers on behalf of the individual including consultation on tax advantages and other benefits, and consultation with the OVR, benefits counseling agencies and provider networks under Ticket to Work on behalf of an individual.

Ongoing use of the service is limited to support for individuals that cannot be provided by the employer through regular supervisory channels and/or on-the-job resources that are available to employees who are non-disabled.

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