We at Focus Behavioral Health, Inc believe that each individual is unique. Our experienced and compassionate team goes above and beyond to help each individual reach their full potential. Focus Behavioral Health, Inc helps individuals gain a sense of community through volunteer work, community activities and building a support system.

Focus Behavioral Health, Inc was founded in October 2010 by William D. Mudgett.

“As a parent of a child with disabilities, I understand the difficulties in finding quality services. I wanted to create an easier way to obtain services that specifically targets the individual’s needs.” –- William D. Mudgett

We understand the importance of respecting an individual’s rights by empowering them to be involved in the service planning process. This allows Focus Behavioral Health, Inc to fulfill the needs of the individuals we support.

Read some of our testimonials from our client’s…


Sophie's Story

Hello, my name is Sophie. I am a funny, kind, and smart 28 year old who has Aspergers syndrome. I have been with Focus since they first started out in 2011. Focus is a service group who helps people like me become responsible adult, while at the same time allow us to make friends and have fun!

While being with Focus they have provided me with help and support. Some examples of what I have learned are cooking, cleaning my laundry, and budgeting my money. The staff were nice enough to let me work on my homework/classwork assignments from college.I graduated from H.A.A.C. with an associates degree in general studies. It was thanks to them that I was able to get volunteer opportunities and a good job.

My hope for the future is that Focus will continue to help me become more independent.i would like to be financially independent while moving into a place of my own.i hope that I can continue to make friends and hopefully a love interest. As they say nothing is impossible if you put your mind to it.

Joe's Story

Hello, my name is Joe and I’ve been with Focus since 2014 and I would like to share my success story with you. When I first started with focus, I was living with my family in Carlisle, PA and I was unemployed.

Focus helped me find a job as well as an apartment with a roommate. Ive been employed now for 4 years with supported employment. I was able to find another job with the help of my focus staff. In April of 2018, I received Employee of the month award at my place of employment. I also obtained my drivers license and bought my first vehicle. Focus has helped me become successful in the four years ive been with them.

Jared's Story

Hello, My name is Jared and I was diagnosed with Autism when I was 7 years old. I have been with the company since Focus started back in 2011. My autism has been interesting and difficult all at the same time. With that being said, Let’s talk about my success even with autism. I worked long and hard to help achieve my goals with Focus. Focus staff are not only mentors but are like family to me. I know I can count on their support whenever I need it.

My first success was moving out of my parents home and living independently. I worked hard to build relationships with the folks around me and in my life. I am a master in karate, which is higher than a black belt. Another major success was getting my drivers license and my own car. I have been working at Walmart for the last 5 years without supported employment. With the help of Focus and the support of my staff I was able to start my own car detailing business.

I look forward to the future to see and achieve many more successful milestones with the help of Focus. I have grown and will continue to grow.

Katie's Story

Hello, my name is Katie. I have been with Focus since August of 2011.  When I began services I didn’t have a job that I enjoyed. With the help of my supported employment staff, I found a job and learned to work independently. I no longer need supported employment and have a job I love.

In addition to helping me with my career, Focus helped me find and attain a new apartment in a better location than my old home. My staff helped me learn how to keep my apartment clean and organized independently. one benefit to having a new apartment is that I am aloud to have a pet cat. Another benefit is that I have the space and freedom to invite friends over when I want to do so. Thanks to Focus I have developed the skills necessary to make and keep friends.

Finally, I am appreciative of Focus because they have encouraged me to get involved in the special olympics. I have attended state games every year since I started services with Focus. My staff motivate me to exercise, even in the off season, so that I can continue to reach my full potential.