Behavioral Specialist Services (BSS) provides support to people with behaviors that make it difficult for them to be active in their community and to live at home, including behaviors that may be disruptive or destructive.

A Behavioral Specialist provides this service. This specialist has special training in understanding why a person may be having difficulty. The Behavioral Specialist creates a plan called the Behavioral Support Plan. The Behavioral Support plan helps everyone who is in regular contact with the waiver participant to support him or her. This service includes training family members and providers how to teach the participant the skills they need to be more independent.

The BSS works closely with the Supports Coordinator to make sure that other services are provided according to the Behavioral Support Plan.

This service also includes creating a Crisis Intervention Plan which explains how to help the participant if he or she is going into a crisis. Everyone who is in regular contact with a participant who is involved in this service should know how to use the Crisis Intervention Plan. Focus has someone available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help if a participant goes into crisis.

An example of BSS is the development of a plan to teach a participant to ask for a break from an activity when they need one.