The Job Assessment service helps waiver participants in finding paid or volunteer work in the community.

The service includes reviewing the participant’s work history, interests, and skills to determine what types of jobs and/or training will be best for them. The provider then suggests what kinds of jobs in the community match the participant’s skills, abilities, and interests.

Situational assessments are like a job tryout where the participant performs certain types of job tasks to see if he or she has the ability and/or interest to do that particular type of job.

If the participant also is getting Behavioral Specialist Services (BSS), then Job Assessment and Job Finding should be done in a way that includes using the behavioral support plan and the crisis intervention plan.

An example of Job Assessment and Job Finding is being tested for different job skills, sharing areas of interest or experience that might be helpful in a job, and applying for a job with an employer who has already been contacted by the job finding provider.