The overall success of Focus Behavioral Health comes solely from our dedicated and caring staff. We have created a positive work environment that offers challenging yet rewarding opportunities. With less than a 5% turnover rate, Focus has become one of the best agencies in the state of PA in which to work in the human services field. If you enjoy working in a positive, low stress environment and striving to help each individual reach their full potential, come join us now!

Direct Care Staff: As a member of our Direct Care staff, you will be working one on one with an individual to assist them in acquiring, retaining, and improving the communication, socialization, self-direction, and adaptive skills necessary to reside in the community. Staff facilitates the participant’s social interaction, use of natural support, and typical community services available to all people.

Take a look at some of our staff's experience here at focus...

Lauren Hagen

“I need to brag about my place of employment again. I ended up going to MedExpress this morning for continued fever, nausea, and intense pain and pressure in the back of my head. They told me i had a bad sinus infection and gave me some antibiotics. The antibiotics said i should take on an empty stomach, so i did. Apparently i should have not done that because my stomach revolted. Back to the work part, i was supposed to take one of my consumers somewhere important today. I was so worried about not being able to take him and was going to try to tough it out. I contacted my boss and let him know what was going on. She was amazing and wonderful like always and told me not to worry about it and she’d take care of finding someone to take my consumer where they needed to go. The CEO/Founder of the company was willing to fill in for me and wanted me to stay home and rest. How many people can say they work for a place that not only their boss but the CEO goes above an beyond for not only their consumers, but for their employees as well. I can’t rave enough about them.”

Yvonne Kline

“I love working for Focus for so many reasons. Explaining them all in this brief testimony constitutes an impossible task. Nevertheless, i will attempt to do so because Focus offered me what i once thought to be an impossible opportunity… I could go into details about the horrors of my former career in academia and my disappointments with a previous endeavor in the mental and behavioral health field, but i prefer to concentrate on the benefits of a career with Focus. Focus provided me with opportunities to utilize my talents and expertise, even when the state claims i do not possess the “right” degrees to pursue my passion of helping individuals struggling with behavioral and mental health issues. Focus is the first organization to employ me which truly cares about employees and people in general. This company has a heart and i have observed that this heart stems from the dedication that the company founder still possesses. Of all the companies for which i have worked, Focus is the only one where the owner personally interacts with staff members. Our CEO and management really care about everyone at Focus, employees, consumers, and their families. This cultivates an organizational culture which i have never encountered in any other place of employment. Focus is a family and if I’m being honest, a family which i prefer over any of my blood-related family members… I cannot thank Focus enough for providing me with the career opportunity of a lifetime. I may never be able to retire (too many student loans)… but i cannot imagine working for any company other than Focus. I love helping individuals reach their full potential every day. Thank you, Focus, for helping me reach my full potential too!”

Jon Bender Andrews

“I have worked for Focus in the western regional office for almost 5 years now. When i began, I was working with a different company doing the same job. I liked that company and worked for both companies for about 4 years. I loved working for Focus more and finally decided to fully commit my time and energies with Focus. The main reasons were not just the improved pay, PTO earning potential, or the insurance. It was the positive, supportive atmosphere that exists not just in the region but felt from the central office. Many occasions have occurred when multiple employees took the time to come to the Pittsburg area and meet the employees here. I would not work for another company in this field, because none come close to comparing to everything that Focus offers and follows through on. Thank you for the opportunity to work with such a great group of people as we change lives together and one at a time.”

Kayla Faloon

“When beginning a new job, it can be very overwhelming as the “new person”, but since the day i became a Focus employee i never felt like a new person. Since the very first day, i have felt like home which is what makes this company stand out from others. You can feel the family feeling as soon as you are in the same room with other employees and the owners of the company no matter what title you are in the company. I wake up every Monday to start a new week with a smile on my face because this is the first time in my life where i can say i love what i do. I love being able to meet with new consumers and see how they grow throughout the time that i am working with them. Knowing you are who they look forward to seeing every week is what makes this job the most rewarding. I cannot think of a better company to work for and be apart of. I know that this is just the beginning of not just another job, but a place that is going to impact my life every day.”

Cindy Domeier

“4 1/2 years ago i took a job as a case manager for a service coordination company here in the Hanover area. It was the first time i had worked with adults with autism spectrum disorders. Within the first couple of months of my employment with that company i realized that Focus Behavioral Health was lightyears ahead of the other providers in helping their participants to reach their full potential. I had the privilege of watching the clients that i brought onto the waiver, through Focus blossom and grow in every aspect of their lives. Focus staff and administration regularly partnered with me as a case manager to brainstorm outside the box ideas to help our mutual clients to reach goals that hey and their families never thought possible. The Focus team regularly encouraged and celebrated their participants achievements and let them know that they were truly loved and cared for by the Focus family. This company impressed me so much that i felt compelled to join them. I lobbied hard to come to work for Focus to help them get the word out about the awesome job they and their foundation do to help adults with autism and intellectual disabilities to reach their full potential. I have been employed by Focus for the last year and a half and love every day of my job.”

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